Single Vision Lenses                     Lined Trifocal Lenses

                                                     Low Index (Plastic)…..$50                              Low Index (Plastic)…..$115

                                                     Mid Index (Polycarbonate)…..$110                 Mid Index (Polycarbonate)…..$155

                                                     Hi Index (1.6)…..$150                                     Hi Index (1.6)…..Not Available



                                                     Lined Bifocal Lenses     
                 No-line Progressive Lenses

                                                     Low Index (Plastic) …..$95                              Low Index Varilux (Plastic)..…$185

                                                     Mid Index (Polycarbonate)…..$135                  Mid Index Varilux (Polycarbonate)..…$220

                                                     Hi Index (1.6)…. $175                                      Hi Index Varilux (1.67)..…$260



 ü  All of our lens prices are for a pair of lenses and include a scratch coating.

 ü  We proudly specialize in Essilor lens products known for superior vision.  We do not sell the low quality lenses found at many discount stores 
      because these lenses typically have greater peripheral distortion, making vision less crisp and your adjustment more difficult.

 ü  Our no-line brand of progressive lens is Essilor’s Varilux Comfort II and Essilor’s Varilux Comfort 2 Short.   Both products are known for 
      their superior optics, minimal distortion and easy adaptation.  The Varilux Comfort 2 is designed for frames that have ample vertical height  
      and will be placed in all no-line products that have an optical center fitting height of 18 mm or more.  The Comfort 2 Short is specifically 
     designed to accommodate frames with a shorter vertical fitting height and this lens will be used for all no-line progressive lens purchases  
     where the vertical fitting height is 17.5 mm or less. (See our educational notes on bifocal measurements located under the lens education menu
      tab above for more information).


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